Score a 1-Page Marketing Knockout With Allan Dib – CLS024

By Corbin Links

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You’ve heard me talking about ground up business building for the past few weeks. I’ve covered a lot recently from my new course and other material.

But what you HAVEN’T heard me talk too much about yet is marketing. Sure—we’re getting there in our current multi-part series.

But then I thought: why not bring on one of the premier marketing experts to discuss something near and dear to us all:

How to get our marketing up and running and turbocharge it, in….

…are you ready for this?….


That’s not a typo.

In fact, the master of the one page marketing plan joins us today from that great land down under. On this episode, I’m joined by none other than Allan Dib, international coach, consultant, business builder, author, and creator of the 1-Page Marketing Plan book and system.

This was a really fun, inspirational, and powerful interview. Hope you enjoy hearing it as much as I did talking with Allan.

Be sure to take lots of notes, and check the resources at the end for Allan’s book.

If you care anything about marketing, or just wish it could be simpler, faster, and more effective—this is YOUR episode.

What You Will Learn

  • Forget the “80/20” rule and learn what 64/4 means to your business and marketing. (Warning: this could very well blow your mind!)
  • How to achieve the right trade-off balance between planning and action.
  • One of the best examples I’ve heard for describing marketing and audience segmentation. (Think “photographer” – but with a twist…)
  • Allan’s recommended tools and strategies
  • HOW to use the free downloadable 1-Page Marketing Plan handout
  • A quick but effective way to filter potential consulting clients
  • And much more

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