Selling Coaching Services to Companies vs. People – CLS028

By Corbin Links


Ever wonder about all this “B2B”, and “B2C” stuff—and what it really means? Especially when it comes to sales and YOUR business?

I used to wonder the same thing. Some experts say “business or person doesn’t matter—you’re always selling to people”. And hey—I agree with that to a large extent.

But it’s not quite so simple, is it?

Legally speaking, many companies, organizations, corporations, educational institutions are PEOPLE. (True story.) Companies and organizations have their own personalities, cultures, systems, and styles.

And if we want to “sell our way in” to these organizations, we need a much different strategy than doing our one-on-one personal coaching or consulting.

I know we all know this at a basic, or theoretical level—but what about practical action? What’s it like to try and sell coaching within a big intimidating company, vs, that referral from your business partner?

Even though it’s all still dealing with people, the situations are a LOT different. So today I’m going to arm your sales tool belt with more power tools.

What You’ll Learn

  • 5 Keys to Selling More Services to Large Organizations.
  • The real-world differences between selling coaching or consulting to organizations (“B2B”) vs. individuals (“B2C”). (Get this right and you can sell your services to the largest, scariest, corporate boards).
  • Busting the “single check writer” myth taught in many sales programs.
  • And more!

Enough intro, let’s roll some rock and roll—

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