Shiny Objects vs. Business Cost Management – CLS002

By Corbin Links

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If you had a chance to listen to my past business “crash, burn and rebuild” story, you remember that a major issue was “business cost management” and lessons learned.

I have a lot of passion about this topic and helping others answer the question “how to best balance what you really should buy, and what to wait on?”

And last week I covered 7 Strategies to 2X (or more!) your business in 2016. What was #7?

Manage your money more effectively.

Money management is where many businesses make or break their futures. We’re all trained to think: just do more business: one more client / one more sale / one more …. one more…

Sure, that’s all great—we of COURSE need more clients, products, streams, and revenue. But it’s what we DO with that revenue that transforms businesses from bad to good, good to great, great to stellar.

But there’s this other side of the equation, right?

We’ve all heard things like:

“You have to spend money to make money”

“Scared money don’t make money”

“You gotta pay to play”

And lots of other variations on the same theme…

So, how do we balance pay-to-play, vs business cost management? Let’s find out! I’m diving into shiny objects vs. cost management today So let’s get it started!

What You Will Learn

  • A BIG announcement about The Corbin Links Show (in a good way)
  • 5 Point Business Cost vs. Shiny Object Decision Framework
  • How to decide if your business needs something, can wait, or run away from it
  • Your homework suggestions to get the most out of today’s show

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