Should You Barter With Your Coaching Services? – CLS023

By Corbin Links

It’s questions and ACTIONS Friday!

Today’s question comes from Simone, who writes:

I’m just starting out and also listened to your show about budgets, and how much money I need to launch my business. A few of my friends have suggested bartering some of my services, to help with the cost. Any suggestions?

Simone that’s a really interesting and timely question.

Several years ago, our company partnered in a venture to offer online bartering services. That project didn’t quite go the direction we planned, but the learning experience was amazing! I’ve also bartered for various services in the past including dentistry and construction services. So I do have some experience and perspective on this issue. And a very definite opinion to share.

What You Will Learn

  • What barter is, and how it can be used to exchange your coaching services for other goods and services
  • Why barter is no “free ticket” when it comes to business money or taxes
  • When bartering your services makes sense
  • When bartering your services may be a bad idea
  • Is barter a good way to build a business?
  • And more!

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