How to Sink Client Project Torpedoes – CLS048

By Corbin Links


Let’s say a company hires you to support a big, really big project or program…

You’re all excited, and at first, it looks promising. There’s a “new vision” at your client site, approved budget for whatever you’re hired to do, and even support from the C-suite and the full board.

All seems good.

But as you start the project, you quickly find that there are a few dissenting voices who REALLY REALLY REALLY don’t want your project to succeed. Maybe even kill it themselves, if they can.

Or they can’t kill the project, at least sabotage it and make it look bad, so that their competing effort can look better. You get the idea. Today’s feature segment is aptly titled “How to Sink Project Torpedoes” and it’s spawned on by a question I received some time ago from listener Garrett—though it comes up a lot with our big-biz consulting clients.

I’m going to give you a 6-Point-Framework for dealing with project torpedoes, stalls, and challenges and suggest exact steps for these situations. You can take these steps, add them to your bat belt or consulting solutions box for future use.

PLUS a deep dive on the dreaded “change order”–and when to use it to your advantage.

What You Will Learn

  1. What “project torpedoes” are, how they work, and what you need to know to defend yourself, company, and project.
  2. When and how to engage those bent on stopping your project.
  3. A powerful consulting tool that makes large companies and budget committees quake in their boots. (Use with caution…)
  4. A deep dive on change orders: what they are, how they’re built, what they include, and when to use (or not use) them.
  5. How to get your client representatives to step up their game when projects and budgets are threatened.
  6. And much more.

This is powerful real-world material that most blogs and podcasts won’t touch. But I will—so tune on in and let’s go!

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