Six Stages of IAM

Understanding the Six Stages of IAM Programs

Key, to the understanding of Identity and Access Management (IAM / IdM) programs, is the concept of the “Six Stages.” These stages, as defined by Links Business Group LLC, are the core levels through which all successful programs must pass. In order, the stages are:

  1. Concepting & Strategizing
  2. Planning & Organizing
  3. Designing & Architecting
  4. Implementing & Integrating
  5. Maintaining & Supporting
  6. Rinsing & Repeating

Understanding where your organization is at any point in time is crucial to experiencing unbridled IAM Success. Here are a few stage examples, and where they typically occur within an IAM program:

  • IAM is not implemented at all: Concepting
  • The board or a C-level exec has just begun an IAM initiative: Concepting and Strategizing
  • IAM has a program charter, and is maybe considering some software: Planning
  • An internal software tool needs to integrate with IAM Suite: Designing
  • Developers need a common framework to add security to their applications: Designing
  • Software, systems, workflows, requirements are vetted and ratified: Implementing
  • Nothing integrates, vendor is unresponsive, promises are unfulfilled: Implementing
  • Some degree of IAM has already been implemented: Maintaining
  • You’re evaluating the overall results of your program: Rinsing & Repeating / back to Concepting

At its heart, the Six Stages of IAM Model is based on a modified software development lifecycle, or SDLC model. Gaining an understanding of the basic components will help you gain the most value from “IAM Quick Start Guide” and my other IAM books.

One stage generally not found in other publications is what we call the “Rinse and Repeat” stage, also referred to as Stage Six. Stage Six is so crucial to Program Success because IAM can never be “done.” After all, do you make a sale to a valued client and say “we’re done now – see you later?” No! You have to continually review, evaluate, tune, improve, tweak, configure, modify, plan, support, and concept your IAM Program. Like anything else in today’s 24 by 7 by 365 by Global by Nonstop business world, IAM is always growing, changing and improving. Tools and methodologies improve continually. As the IAM industry begins to mature, more talented people are available to help organizations plan and execute successful IAM strategies. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to implement a successful program, because rest assured, your competitors will not.

[23 January 2013 Update: The video below shows old images and site links, but the content has not changed. If you are coming here from the “IAM Quick Start Guide” book, note that the presentation will be updated soon.]


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