How to Start Your Business + BIG Q&A Episode – BYB036

By Corbin Links

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This episode mentions a test launch course we released in late December 2015. Please disregard that portion of the announcement.

Full-on course, training, and other 2016 goodies are on their way soon!


Time to start your business! I have a big announcement on today’s show, something that’s been a long time incoming, and it is going to help your business take off and soar. We’re also going to be doing a full on Q&A episode today.

In fact, today’s feature is going to cover both Feature and Productivity Segments, so no separate productivity tool.

And, in the Bangin’ Your Health segment, you know we’re big fans here of nutritional greens. We talk about them a lot. Well in the Bangin’ Your Health segment, I’m going to share two other super amazing concentrated greens to boost performance, protein, alkalinity, and more.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to maintain your focus when working in a crazy corporate “fish bowl” environment.
  • How to separate from previously-good client relationships. (Or, when your business model changes.)
  • Answers to that age-old business-builder question: Should you take on a side job while building a new business?
  • How to create a virtual assistant (VA) job description that works.
  • Two near-magical greens to detox your body, blast you with mega nutrition, and accompany you on the road.
  • How a special new course can start your business out on the right foot. (Or boost your existing business.)

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  1. All about working with virtual assistants
  2. 7 Keys to Achieving High Performance Health

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