Step 3: How Much Should You Charge – Training Book (eBook)

This eBook is the “Magic Sauce” of the whole training. It’s jam-packed with pricing goodness like:

  1. Deep dive into the consulting continuum model. This is the one model you must understand to price effectively and increase rates over time.
  2. An overview of hourly billing, and how it REALLY works in 2015 and beyond. (Markets have changed massively over the past 3 years.)
  3. “Do’s” and “dont’s” for setting pricing and selling the pricing to clients.
  4. All the things to consider and factor in (the list is longer than you think…) when setting——or changing prices.
  5. How to evaluate consulting or contracting opportunities.
  6. Differences between W-2 (employee) pricing and independent or corp-to- corp consulting pricing. Many people——especially recruiters——still confuse the two. They’re very different animals.
  7. Concrete hourly rate samples you can use to create (or update) your own billing models.
  8. And a bonus Q & A section you’ll only see if you read far enough in the book…(hint, hint)
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