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Top 10 Tech Skills Business Consultants Need-NOW!

By Corbin Links

I was recently chatting with a coaching client who asked me about tech skills. She didn’t consider herself very computer literate or technically savvy, and wanted advice on what tech skills to focus on. It’s a great question, and something I’ve been meaning to talk about for a while. Today is that day! There are […]

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Let’s Transform Your Business!

By Corbin Links

Do any (or all) of these describe you? You’ve taken one of my business courses and are ready for the next step. You’re known as an expert or the “go-to person” in your industry—or want to be. You’ve been thinking of building your consulting or coaching business for a while—maybe even dabbled with it—but never […]

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Do I Really Need a Business if Clients Already Pay Me? – CLS009

By Corbin Links

Today, Jacob asks “do I really need a business if clients already pay me?”

Based on the question, we have both demand **and** business validation—great! Seems all is going well.

Should he take all the steps to form a business when things seem to be going so well already? After all, clients are paying him without any formal business structure at all. Why change?

This is a great question in a couple different ways. And it dovetails nicely off last week’s Q&A episode 007, where Tracy had the “prequel” question. Jacob, I have have some thoughts on this.

What You Will Learn

In today’s Questions and **Actions** episode, you will learn:

1. The signs it is time to go pro with your business.
2. Other options if you’re not yet ready for full indy pro. (Freelancing, or avoiding “babysitter syndrome”)
3. Can a business entity, insurance, and paperwork actually help you get more clients?
4. Can you really effectively deliver coaching and consulting from a noisy beach somewhere?
5. Next steps and your weekend homework.

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