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How to Start Your Business + BIG Q&A Episode – BYB036

By Corbin Links

Start your business! I have a big announcement on today’s show, something that’s been a long time incoming, and it is going to help your business take off and soar. We’re also going to be doing a full on Q&A episode today. We’re going to cover questions such as:

– How to separate from problem clients.
– Should you work a side job while building a business?
– How to stay focused when you’re working in an intense client “fishbowl environment.”
– And a lot more.

In fact, today’s feature is going to cover both the *Feature Segment* and the *Productivity*, so no separate Bangin’ Your Productivity segment today.

And, in the *Bangin’ Your Health* segment, you know we’re big fans here of nutritional greens. We talk about them a lot. Well in the Bangin’ Your Health segment, I’m going to share two other super amazing concentrated greens to boost performance, protein, alkalinity, and more.

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