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If You Want to Rise, Do the Difficult – BYB023

By Corbin Links

As a coach or consultant, landing new contracts is very dependent on your reputation. So, how do you build a reputation? And can you fast-track the process?

There is a sure-fire way to achieve stature, and quickly. It’s not easy, but it is worth it. I’ll share my approach, and discuss the potential pitfalls, in today’s Bangin’ Your Business segment.

You may recall, in one of our earliest episodes, I mentioned “cleansing our detox”. I’m looping back to that today in the Bangin Your Health segment. We’re going to talk about what a cleanse is and why we sometimes need to cleanse–and also, why some cleanses could be harmful.

And we’re going to bang your productivity with Claude Monet, the famous impressionist artist. He was a fascinating man and he has a thing or three to teach us tech-inclined folks about productivity.

What you will learn

What you need to know about detoxing. What is a cleanse? Is frequent cleansing a good idea? Are there better options?
How to fast-track building your reputation as a Coach or Consultant.
What can Claude Monet teach us about productivity?
And much more!

We’ve got some serious health, business, and productivity bangin’ ahead so let’s get to it!

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