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iPad Security – Don’t Worry About Your iPad (Really!)

By Corbin Links

Losing an iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone can be a worrisome and expensive experience. Not only is there the frustration of losing something so expensive, but all the data security implications as well. I was traveling from coast to coast in late October 2011, when I lost my iPod Touch. This article covers the details and what I did both before and after losing it. Inside you’ll learn:

  • 8 Steps to Take Right Now – TODAY – to Protect Your iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch and be worry-free when traveling with your device.
  • Real-world Statistics on Lost / Stolen iPad Recovery – Why You Don’t Want to Worry About Getting Yours Back.
  • 7 Steps to Take IMMEDIATELY When Your Device is Discovered Missing
  • 5 Tips to Keep Your iPad From Being Lost in the First Place
  • And much more!
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