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Business Plans, How to Take Money, and What to Do Next? – CLS007

By Corbin Links

We are in the second week of our new Friday Questions and ACTIONS edition of The Corbin Links Show. Today I’ve got a whopper of a question that I’ll try to break down into three-starter pieces.

Tracy asks about going pro with her custom event planning business. She also asks about needing a business plan—or should she just respond to work as it comes up? How to make and receive money doing what she loves? And a couple other things as well.

All great questions and ones we can all relate to at some point in our business journeys. I’ll share a few thoughts and 3 specific next steps to move forward with your idea.

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7 Strategies to Keep Up With-Or Stay Ahead of-Industry Trends – CLS004

By Corbin Links

Information overload and keeping up with—ideally ahead of—our industries is almost a job in and of itself. But clients expect it, and we should expect it of ourselves, to the best extent possible.

In this episode, I’ll dive deep into the areas of focus, concentration, expertise, and how to stay on top of your game. There are 7 key strategies to beat information overload, stay on top of industry trends, and be the expert voice for your clients.

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Do Business Coaches Need Business Coaches? – BYB038

By Corbin Links

As business coaches and consultants, we often think “Hey wait a minute, I AM the coach/consultant/expert! Why would I hire someone else to coach me?”

“Why don’t I take myself on as a client and do it myself!”

Ever thought that? Me to; countless times. For YEARS. And I’ll share a secret: it’s only been the past 3 years or so, where I’ve let myself open up and bring in outside consultants and coaches to analyze and work with our business.

And you know what?

It’s been HUGE. More productivity, more sales, more clarity and focus. In today’s *Feature Segment*, I’ll share 7 tips for hiring your own business coach, plus 5 strategies for getting the most from your consultations.

It’s that holiday season of the year: food, lots and lots of food, parties, drinks, stress, travel, and … so easy to get carried away. Got you covered. In the *Bangin’ Your Health* segment, I’ll share 9 tips for keeping your health during the holidays.

In the *Bangin’ Your Productivity* segment, we’ll talk winter cleaning and share a few tips for an efficient office space.

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