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Is a Six-Figure Business Income Good? – CLS031

By Corbin Links

It’s questions and ACTIONS Friday! Today’s question comes from Chandra, who writes: “I hear a lot of people talking about “six figures” this and that in their coaching business. Is that really the goal? Are five-figures good?” Great one Chandra! We’ve even used the “multiple six figures” number in some of our marketing. And you’re […]

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Can You Make Any REAL Money as a Health Coach? – CLS005

By Corbin Links

This week, Sheila asks if it’s possible to make real money (or even be profitable) as a health coach.

It’s a great question—one that comes up a lot. Back in season 1, episode 1, I shared some thoughts on breaking into the health / nutrition industry. But today’s money question is sort of a ‘prequel’. After all, if there’s no money, why do it? (At least as a business.)

Then there’s the issue of competition and market saturation. Are there too many coaches already? Is there really that much demand? Are any of the other coaches making money. All great questions, and big things to think about. But should that stop you?

Today, I’ll tackle these questions head-on. I’ll get to the bottom of the health coaching money issue, and share some practical suggestions to get started.

Let’s go!

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