Testimonials and Happy Clients

“…Corbin was brought in to our organization to design and deploy a series of strategies designed to migration portions of legacy hardware and software infrastructure to a new corporate standard. This involved project planning and management, and the execution of many processes including Active Directory migration, network configuration changes, systems monitoring, creation and application of security policies, and systems automation. Projects involved all phases of the Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC). Corbin’s work was critical to the success of our corporate-wide Enterprise Infrastructure Standardization Project.

Corbin also acted as our strategic consultant, proactively proposing many new IT projects designed to reduce our Total Cost of Ownership and increase the Return on Investment of our existing information assets. I highly recommend him as a consultant with your organization.”

Philip Torres, Jr., Network Operations Lead, ConAgra Foods, Inc.

“I recently contacted Corbin Links about consulting on an RFP put out by NYC Metro-North Railroad. The RFP seemed long and complex but, having very little experience with RFPs, I needed Corbin’s help.

After reviewing the RFP, Corbin came back to me with a “no bid” recommendation. His reasons were well thought through, detailed, and very firm, effectively turning away potential consulting fees. If you want to “go to school” on my experience, my take on Corbin is that he approaches his consulting business with honesty and integrity. His well-informed response to my request for help saved me a lot money and endless headaches. I will do business with him again.”

Burke L. Mays, Vice President, Aeon Sleep Group

“We hired Links Business Group LLC to support us in the response to a very large and challenging government RFP.

Corbin Links supported and consulted with us through the entire process: crafting the response, responding to detail requests, suggesting the best ways to position the response. Thanks to his support and response writing, IBSS, Corp won the contract.

If you want a great shot at winning your next RFP response, I highly recommend Corbin Links and the team at Links Business Group LLC.”

Bruce Arvand, Executive Vice President, IBSS, Corporation

“We commissioned Links Business Group LLC to maximize conversion rates for our newest products and services. They performed an end-to-end conversion rate optimization (CRO) analysis of our funnels, goals, and conversions.

Their report provided numerous practical suggestions to not only optimize our conversions, but also a detailed blueprint for conducting A/B and multivariate tests. Full wireframes for a new home page and CTA sign up forms were provided as well. Using Information in the report, we will have our conversions boosted quickly.

We are very impressed with the professionalism of Links Business Group LLC. Their team has exceeded our expectations, and our team has enjoyed collaborating with them. We received detailed proposals with carefully outlined deliverables that were fulfilled on time, on budget, and with exemplary quality.

It is too soon to have results data, but we are very happy with the work thus far, and we expect significant conversion rate improvements.

I highly recommend Links Business Group LLC to anyone. We expect to have them as a strategic business partner for many years to come.”

Scott Price, VP Performance Engineering, LoadStorm.com Cloud load testing tool for web applications

“Corbin Links joined our team as an Identity Access Management (IAM / IdM) Architect. He has been a key delivery agent in a complex, and high-profile project. Corbin has a rare mix of business, planning, and multi-platform technology expertise. When coupled with his “can do / will do” attitude, big things happen, and projects get delivered.”

It has been great working with Corbin, and I give him my recommendation.”

Neil Anstey, Global IT Architect at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

“We hired Corbin as an Identity Management Analyst, expecting to have him work just a few projects. In short order he established himself as an indispensable member of our team with his portfolio of duties expanding to include system architecture and capacity planning. He is a consummate professional, combining deep and broad technical expertise, outstanding “soft skills,” and a can-do attitude. I give him the fullest possible endorsement.”

Paul Bailey, Director of Collaboration Services, The Washington Post Companies

“Corbin is that rare combination of technical expertise, business acumen and client relations; able to see the full picture, beyond the technology. Not only is he unquestionably an expert in his field, quality and customer satisfaction are paramount with him. He was engaged on a very difficult project where the scope changed frequently and radically.

Corbin was able to come up with solutions creatively to absorb the changes and stay on track, moving heaven and earth to lead the project to a successful conclusion in spite of numerous barriers, always with a positive and supportive outlook.The resources he brought to the project were all of similar high quality. In my long career in IT, I have met few of his equal. I hope I will have the good fortune to work with him again. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Bonnie Davis, Director of Internet and Identity Services, California State University at Los Angeles

“Corbin is definitely one of the premier experts in the identity world. After years in the industry, you can sift between the individuals who just understand the components of a technology and those who truly understand its value to the business. Corbin not only has technical foresight but understands its relationship to resolving business problems as well. He brings a wealth of experience, insight and professionalism to the table, and is definitely someone you would want in your network.”

Ashraf Motiwala, CTO and Co-founder, Identropy, Inc.

“Mr. Links’ professionalism as seen in his ability to balance the needs of client stakeholders with the time and budget constraints of the project ensured a successful implementation.”

Dave Wessels, Project Manager, Crescent Enterprise Solutions

“I have worked in the Identity and Access Management space since 1999 and have seen so many books focused on technology. This is the first book I have read takes a different approach that is based on a more practical angle focusing first on the business process, people, and requirements. I like how the book has been put together because it is practical, makes sense, and to the point without a lot of fluff. The book is not bogged down with technical jargon and specific technologies. It is focused on real world practical experience and being in the field of IAM I can certainly agree with all the information and am going to be leveraging it for my own engagements with clients.”

Timothy Melander, Identity Management Architect, St. Paul, MN

“Corbin Links gave a Keynote-presentation in our annual IAM ´12 –conference on May 22, 2012. The title of the presentation was: How to Get IAM Programs Done Right the First Time. The audience was very pleased with Mr. Links’ presentation.”

Kirsi Antola Lead Project Manager Talentum Events Oy Helsinki

“Corbin Links has deep business and technical knowledge of Identity and Access Management (IAM). Given the nature of IAM and how complex it can get, it’s crucial to have someone who have a broad vision of it from a high level perspective but at the same time, be able to implement it at a system level. Mr. Links was instrumental in delivering IAM Training to key members of our team, and is highly recommended.”

Hoang Luu, Senior Technical Developer, Capital Group Companies

“Based on the training I received from Corbin Links I would like to recommend him for training and facilitating of Access Management and all required components. Corbin, with the time constraints, had gave a very good full training of Access Manager and it’s components such as Application Server, Access Manager, Identity Manager, Netbeans, and the applications inner workings.”

Daniel P. Shaw, Senior UNIX Engineer, TekSystems

“The Identity Management training provided by Mr. Links, president of Links Business Group, was a through treatment of Identity Management and the Sun suite of software products that support an Identity Management deployment. Mr. Links clearly demonstrated his knowledge of the subject matter as well as a detailed understanding of all of the components of the Sun Java Identity Management System.

Detailed lab exercises were provided that allowed students to work with the products and develop a solution to a real world business problem. The students of this class were able to return to their jobs and immediately apply what they had learned in this very informative training seminar.”

Jim Virgulak, Identity Management Support Engineer, A Very Large Financial Institution

“Corbin Links really has an uncanny ability to extract and clarify the business impact of Identity and Access Management solutions. He is one of our industry’s foremost writers on the topic of real-world IAM technology solutions and has the battle scars to provide real insight into how-to-implement and where to look for pitfalls and obstacles throughout the process.”

Matt Flynn, NetVision

“I just finished reading Corbin Links’ IAM Success Tips: Volume 1 and really think it would be a great resource for any new IdM initiative your organization might be starting. I know that I will try to implement many of the suggestions in the book as we move forward with our project.

Many of the “bad” examples in the book — the things not to do — brought back some memories for me… I hope that this project at the U of R can avoid many of those common pitfalls. Things like not understanding your current environment, and expecting a vendor’s software package to solve all the IdM problems that have grown out of bad business processes.”

Mike Conklin, Identity Management Architect