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What to Expect

This page is a gateway or portal to Bangin’ Your Business content. New training, documents, members-only “hidden” podcast episodes, interviews, and more are posted here as they happen.

Training courses and “packages,” such as How Much Should You Charge for Consutling and Professional Services have multiple steps.

Generally, each ‘page’ of a training represents a ‘step’ or module in that particular program. For instance, a 4-part series (like How Much Should You Charge…) will have an intro and “Step 1” page, with “next step” buttons.

Special reports, newsletters, single-file downloads will often have their own pages. Some pages are hosted on this system ( and others may be external links.

Last but not least, please bear in mind this membership site is a “version 1.00” offering. Expect frequent design and content changes. Team BYB is obsessed with constantly delivering newer and better.

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We dislike writing big “terms of use” documents probably as much——if not more——than you like reading them. Here’s the quick summary version:

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Training and Resources

  1. How Much Should You Charge for Services – VIP Training Edition