What Client Paperwork Do You Need For Your Consulting Business?- CLS008

By Corbin Links

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Whether you’re starting a new coaching business or IT / technical consulting company—or have been in one a long time—you know about client paperwork.

Lots of paperwork! In fact, it can sometimes take days, weeks—even months—to get the paperwork done. Non Disclosure Agreements, Scope of Work Documents, Master Consulting Agreements, Computing or Fair Use Policies, Purchase Orders or “POs”, and the list goes on.

While that list may seem daunting, it’s reality. And something smaller firms often get tripped up on is the paperwork of dealing with really large organizations.

But what do you REALLY need to get the job done? Is there a “minimum viable document list” to get rolling?

In today’s episode, I’m going to tackle one of consulting’s less fun—but extremely important parts: consulting paperwork and client agreements.

If you have any desire at all to go after bigger game and compete with the “big boys and girls”, you NEED to have this stuff nailed down.

And that’s what I’m here for. So let’s do this!!

What You Will Learn

  • A BIG new announcement
  • The “minimum viable document set” you need to run a pro-grade consulting firm.
  • This onboarding form strategy may work BETTER than online or digital forms.
  • A full walk through of each consulting document type, and suggestions for each.
  • 8 things every Scope of Work (SOW) document needs.
  • Are NDAs really necessary? The answer may surprise you.
  • How to streamline your client enrollment forms.
  • Strategies for building your own documentation.
  • What you must do with all contracts and agreements, especially when just starting out.
  • Should you (or not) accept purchase orders (PO)?

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