When opportunity comes knocking (how to answer the door!)

By Corbin Links


5 Decision Filters to Find the BEST Opportunity – Every time

How do you evaluate an opportunity? With so clients and new offers coming at you, how do you pick?

How to separate new opportunities from everything else bombarding your inbox, phone, and social direct messages every day? I’m sharing my 5 Opportunity Filters for your toolkit. I’ve personally followed this filter framework and things work out pretty well.

(1) Is the opportunity pitched correctly and in a targeted way?

Is the pitch way-off without any value qualification? At the very least, it shows lack of knowledge. At worst, it shows a wanton disregard of the other person.

Of course all us business folks need to sell and build. But at least offer something useful, especially on the first contact.

(2) Does the opportunity “feel” or “seem” right?

I know—not a very scientific analysis. But we’re talking gut feeling, intuition. It’s so powerful, it’s a recognized factor in high-level business decision making. Even magazines like Forbes write about it extensively.

I’m not saying to grab an opportunity just because it does or doesn’t ”feel” right. What I’m saying is to take your intuition / gut feel into account.

(3) Does the opportunity fit with your current strategy?

Are you in growth mode? Breaking new ground in new markets? Breaking out of old ones? Have a bigger “why” or purpose which this new thing would fit well with?

Although some business experts suggest using this filter first, I found over the years that good opportunities often come from unexpected sources, and impact life in unexpected (but wonderful) ways.

All things being equal, it’s usually best to only take on opportunities tightly related to your goals. And avoiding a change of goals just because of this new thing. Staying always clear on your mission, objectives, and goals will make this a lot easier.

  • What will you have to say “no” to when this opportunity comes along?

(4) Resist saying “yes” to every business that comes along.

The “yes to everything syndrome” is where most new coaches and service providers miss the mark. They think (as I first did) that it’s best to grab anything and everything and take on as many different jobs as possible.

Business expansion is a great thing, but taking opportunities that don’t fit your business profile can ruin you.

(5) Do you have a burning desire to do it?

This the “wildcard factor,” an opportunity that seem to pop up out of the blue. They are so interesting, unique, or life-changing in some way that they seem irresistible.

Wildcards can take the form of an overseas speaking invitation; an invitation to an exclusive mastermind group; a unique volunteering opportunity domestically or overseas; or a brand-new or exciting technology.

In fact, the more you grab these wildcards, the higher your visibility and reputation, the more wildcards will come along. Wildcard opportunities are both exciting AND dangerous. They can—and often will—take your business ship off course. But they can be also be the most rewarding!

What’s Next?

Many newer consultants are concerned with a perceived lack of opportunity. And the “attraction-based” client crowd, feeds this by trying to convince us that by just putting out great content, magic will happen.

But here’s the thing: opportunities follow the law of motion. To paraphrase the great old quote: to have ships coming in, you need to send some out. If you’re delivering value to the world and marketplace, opportunities will come. You’ll be surprised just how many—and how fast—they come your way. And when they do, you’ll have the tools to filter opportunity quickly and effectively.

Now you have the right tools, it’s time for the next big step! Just like great minds—don’t waste opportunity, and take action!

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