Why You Should NOT Offer Free Consulting (and do this instead) — BYB007

By Corbin Links



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Do you enjoy working for free? Would you offer free consulting for a shot at “something bigger”? Our firm has done this a lot in the past—but not any more. Here’s why… (and what to do instead)

I’m going to bang your health with part 4 in our ongoing series of the 7 Keys to High Performance health. Tonight is key #2, something so easy to do, so low maintenance, yet the rewards can be 50x or more of your effort.

And in Bangin’ Your Productivity, I’ll share one of my all-time fav apps that can save you time, work on any system, and increase your writing / drawing / or architecture productivity.



Coming Up on Today’s Show

  • The myths of free consultingbusted. I’ll take on all the usual arguments such as “portfolio building”, or “standing out in a competitive market by offering a free taste”.
  • Better “free consulting” alternatives for both you AND your clients.
  • Add this one thing to your daily routine for a potential 50X gain in health and energy. (Key #2 of the 7 Keys to High-Performance Health.)
  • The best tool I’ve found to create and manage diagrams, workflows, processes, system architecture. It works on all major browsers and platforms and has saved me countless hours over the years.



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